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got two songs out on newgrounds, feelin pretty good. now to work on more.

list of what i'm doing atm

¤ NeoTetris
¤ CavestoryMix1
¤ Song of storms mix

i need a vacation . . .

2010-03-04 22:04:57 by DrRandom

with all the stuff ive done ((honors orchestra, symphonic orchestra, drum line, jazz band, orchestra librarian . . .)) i need a friggin break >.<

however IM NOT TAKING ONE +D because theres still stuff to do.

to do list:

[ ] Get started on new song(s)
[ ] Get through the school year
[ ] Possably try out video game creation
[ ] Eat a bowl of Phò . . .

D+ so much to do . . .

as school starts

2009-09-02 15:06:45 by DrRandom

as school starts im going to be VERY FRIGGIN BUSY. im not only playing DoubleBass for orchestra, jazz band, and "Pro Musica", but now im also marching the Bass Drum for Band. its going to be a very busy year for me . . . and a very musical one XD

first song out yay +D

2009-07-24 02:11:10 by DrRandom

yay my first song ever is now on newgrounds. expect to hear from me a lot more in the coming months +P ((yes thats my signature smiley))


2009-06-17 16:18:38 by DrRandom

i have so many thoughts in my head. . . and no way to set them free.

i have no idea

2008-11-27 23:56:36 by DrRandom

i have no freaking idea what to start out with
although im having a hard time starting up with anything anyway +(